Sunday, April 19, 2009

Before and After....Up and Down

Braxton's hair had gotten very long. Most of the boys here keep their hair pretty long and he was pretty adament about letting it stay long. Generally I am pretty "cool" about such things but it was always in his eyes. For some reason he woke up today and decided he absolutely needed it all cut off today. It was so long I decided to take before and afters.

I couldn't believe how different and how much older he looks with short hair.

Spring is at least playing hide and seek with North Dakota. Today was cold again but several days last week and several days this coming week are supposed to be 60 so we decided to get the trampoline out again. Braxton has been begging for weeks and at this point, I am all for anything that gets the boys outside again.

As you can see, Braxton is always the showman, the acrobat. It takes Cayden a bit longer to work up the confidence for flips but he soon joins in.

This doesn't look good mid-air but he did actually land on his feet! And, yes, I still worry about his shunt but I am trying to learn to relax a bit more.

Here's hoping Spring decides to take up permanent residence!

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MeL said...

Awww. I want to come jump too! :( I can do my knee flip again. lol