Wednesday, October 7, 2009

80, 70, 50, 40, 30

Um…where’s 60 you ask?


I would love to know that too!  I would also love to know what happened to fall.  Our summer was less than impressive and now it seems that fall has come and gone.  Fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons…one of the biggest being the beautiful fall colors.  Last year we were not able to get any great pictures of the leaves changing colors and I have been waiting 11 months to try again.  God, in his infinite, indescribable humor, has other plans.  The leaves here had barely started to change when the freezing temperatures arrived.  Maybe next year, right?


For those of you who are able…drive with the windows down, take a walk in the park enjoying the feel of autumn sun on your face, visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard, feel joy that you can still wear flip flops and shorts, bemoan that your A/C bills are still too high, plan a skiing trip (because that is the closest you will get to that much snow) and take a few pictures of the red, yellow and orange palette of fall foliage near you…




frozen tundra forecast foretells fluffy flakes, flurries and frigid Friday.




Thare said...

NO...NO...NO...say it ain't so!!!
Wow - I thought Fall was zooming by fast here! I just asked Randy tonight..."where did September go?"...he said he was still looking for January!! It is going to be 75 tomorrow so John and I are going to the Zoo in the afternoon...after the dreaded weigh-in! Snow?? Seriously?? Ugh!! Come back to Texas!! Come back!!! We could grab a bite to to the Zoo...then pick th boys up after school!! Snow?? You must take pictures!!! I will think of you..and I have had my windows down...I have been driving around checking out the color - in fact I am going to Canadian and the corn maze this weekend. Ugh!! Snow...really??

Anonymous said...

I was already morose about my 50 degree nights, numb fingers, having to turn on the furnace. putting Buffy in her coat for our morning walks . . . now I'm depressed having to think about what comes next . . . lol. I've been thinking that we may not have much of a Fall either . . . hardly any leaves have changed and frost may take them before they do. Somehow this is all Obama's fault.
- Dad -