Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas cookies


Braxton made Christmas cookies this afternoon.  Usually I would say “Braxton and I made cookies” but this afternoon Braxton did everything by himself.  Ok, maybe not everything because he sure didn’t clean up after himself!



In order to make things a little easier I bought this frosting at the grocery store.  Have you tried this?  Braxton correctly described it as frosting in an easy cheese can.  They even sell additional tips.   The shade of green was not what I would call a Christmas color but it was easy.








This is pretty much what he does with a can of easy cheese too so I wasn’t too surprised.



I am still cleaning up the kitchen but the cookies are delicious!

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Mark said...

Nice job Brax! I like to cook but hate to bake . . . we'd make a good team. My grandmother was the most incredible baker ever, especially her 'kuchen' (coffee cakes). As a kid I often stayed at her house and I can still smell the dough rising and the peaches being peeled and sliced. I think the most enduring memories are evoked by aromas and tastes.
- Grandpa -