Monday, December 19, 2011

Store bought Christmas goodness



 Christmas cookies


I love these

do you?

we love homemade cookies in our house too

but there is just something about these!


Mark said...

The picture is delectable . . . the cookies not so much lol. Give me a bag of double-stuffed oreos and a quart of milk.
- Dad -

Tina said...

Seriously?!? You make these cookies look good! Am with Dad...give me the Oreos! We should buy stock in Oreos...everybody in my house LOVES them! Chris had her first one the other day - pure LOVE. I have taught John how to make a double-double stuffed Oreo.

And this also reminds me of a doctor I worked for! Stop me if I have told you this!! The entire office went on a Slim-Fast diet...when it was first on the market. I walked into his office and CAUGHT him DUNKING Oreos into his Slim Fast shake!! I told him it TOTALLY defeated the purpose of our diet...then I sat down and joined him!

Why am I fat?