Friday, June 5, 2009

The best news I have heard in a long time

Here is a much younger Cayden. I came across this picture this evening and was reminded of a time when things were so much more uncertain for Cayden, a time when everyday was filled with worries...and joy of course. I feel so grateful that most of our days now are filled with fewer worries and even more joy.

Today was Cayden's annual visit to the Pediatric Cardiologist and I really wasn't worried about what we would hear...until I checked in at the front desk and the weight of all those worries from the past hit me like a brick. I don't mean to borrow trouble but I generally do. We were told to expect them to do an EKG and maybe an echocardiogram (they generally do them each visit). A new Cardiologist walked through the door, a man Cayden and I both felt instantly comfortable with. He was an older gentleman who peppered our exam time with stories of the first VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) surgeries and how things have changed since then. He told us of the first 50 year study done on VSD patients and how the results show that the life expectancy is now the same for VSD patients as the general public! He told us that the first surgeries done used parents as heart-lung "machines"....the blood supply was shared between parent and child, with the parent essentially keeping the child alive during surgery.

He also told us a bit more about the Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon from Children's Medical Center in Dallas that peformed Cayden's surgery....they had worked together in Minnesota many years ago. Small world! He told me that his surgeon was one of the finest men and most gifted surgeons he had ever met. I told him that our family had always felt blessed that he had done the surgery...but that it was nice to hear such nice things about him.

He listened intently to Cayden's heart for several (nerve wracking for Mom) minutes and then smiled. He said he heard NO MURMUR at all and did not even feel the need to do the EKG or echocardiogram! In fact, he said Cayden didn't need to be seen again until his senior year of high school!! He said Cayden no longer needed to receive antibiotics before dental or oral procedures (although it doesn't really matter since this is still required due to his shunt) and lifted all activity restrictions previously advised due to decreased heart function.

I know God loves us and wants everything for us...but today I was just overwhelmed and amazed at what he has done in Cayden's life!


Thare said...

My heart just leaped to my throat! That is the best news - I NEEDED that news today.
I LOVE the picture of your little man...I just want to pinch his cheeks...and I will when he GETS here! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Your title and last paragraph say it all. I wasn't there for all that he went through . . . but I am blessed to be here for this wonderful news, and the biggest smile I've had in a long time.
- Love, Dad

MeL said...

That is the best news! Give Cayden a big hug for me. That just made my day :)

Love you guys