Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Safety First

For those of you who haven't read the previous post, you might want to do so...it will help explain how and why my tenacious children acquired a safe. They were riding their bikes, looking at the piles of treasure junk at the curbs of our neighbors. They were gone quite awhile. Brax eventually came busting throught the door screaming for help. I took off running, sure someone was in need of a LifeFlight helicopter ride to the hospital. On the way down the street, however, Brax explained that the skateboard wasn't working and they needed me to lift something really heavy (by the way, he wasn't kidding!!....that thing weighed as much as my car...ok, not really, but it seemed like it at the time). They had worked and worked, pushing with their own strength, loaded it on the skateboard and made it a full block. Unfortunately, they ran out of steam about the time it fell off the skateboard and landed in the middle of the street--with another full block to go. SuperMom was supposed to single handedly save the day....NOT! We did manage to find Steve's dolly, load it on there and muscle it home. It was only then that I thought to ask them "What in the heck do you plan to do with this?" They had heard a rattling sound inside when they first moved it and they were convinced it held some type of treasure. They tried pliers, hammers and even a bat. Brax was convinced banging on the dial was the way to go, Cayden chose the handle. They were neither safe nor effective. In the end, it took Daddy and his idea to use a crowbar before they were able to gain entry. The treasure?? A marble! Oh well, at least they found all this out in time for us to put the safe on our curb for pick up time this morning.

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Anonymous said...

They may not have found a treasure, but they made one . . . a wonderful memory.
- Dad