Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dumpster Diving

Tonight we drove around and surveyed other people's trash! This week is Fargo/West Fargo's Annual Clean Up Week. It is the one week during the year that you can set anything at all on your curb and have the city pick it up for free. It can best be described as a city wide, curb side garbage garage sale. At any given moment, half of the town can be found cruising the streets and searching for treasure...heck, we even saw people on bikes carrying their loot. Most folks only look, of course, but it is quite entertaining. We saw freezers, couches, loveseats, televisions, satellite dishes, computers, firewood, clothes and 16 toilets...nearly everything a man would need to furnish his new home (exactly what the college students had in mind I think). We have never lived anywhere else that they do they have this where any of y'all live??

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Anonymous said...

Yup . . . we had it twice a year, with the same frantic foraging . . . people are pretty much the same everywhere . . . one person's trash is another person's treasure, especially if it's free. And as you mentioned, with SIU there the college kids did their part, though for the most part it was the same people who would show up at 6:00 for a 7:00 yard sale and had a list of half a dozen to peruse. There are probably two things at work: some genetic foraging instinct and the thrill - just as old - of getting something for nothing. And sometimes you contribute to a good cause: one year I put out an old riding mower that didn't run and needed more work than it was worth . . . my mailman saw it and asked if he could have it . . . he belonged to the VFW and they needed a mower . . . he fixed it up and thanked me profusely every time he saw me.

- Dad