Saturday, May 30, 2009

Elementary Accolades

The end of 5th grade means the end of elementary school for Cayden...with that comes many emotions--joy, sadness, nervousness about middle school, and pride. That pride is well deserved. Cayden earned the Presidential Academic Excellence and Effort Award! He had no idea he was getting it until the awards assembly.

Here is a close up view of the award. It came with a letter from the White House. It is only given at the end of a student's 5th grade, 8th grade or senior year. According to the letter, this award encourages and rewards students who work hard and give their best effort in school, often in the face of special obstacles to their learning. Students must show tremendous educational growth, demonstrate unusual commitment to learning despite obstacles, and achieve high scores in at least one core subject (Cayden's was science-it's his favorite).

Braxton finished 3rd grade with excitement and praises of his own. He is glad to have a respite from homework but would just as soon continue going to school all summer if it meant he could see his friends everyday. He received several awards--he was on the A/B Honor Roll all year and received the National Physical Fitness Award. However, my favorite award is this classroom award. It was given to him by his teacher and, bless her heart, I am sure there were days that this quality nearly drove her crazy....there certainly is no truer statement than "Most Energetic" when it comes to Brax!

Goodbye school....Hello summer!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Way to go Cayden. I'm always proud of you but this is something really special, something you worked hard to earn.
And the same to you Brax . . . congratulations on making the Honor Roll and the fitness award.
I'm sending this link to my friends so you are about to be famous, even in China.
- Love, Grandpa