Monday, May 4, 2009

A Splendid Sunny Afternoon with Seven Friends

When the afternoon turned 70 degrees and the kind of sunny that warms your body and makes your heart smile, I suspected the boys wouldn't come home alone. It sounded like a football team coming down the front walk so I was happy when it turned out to be only seven hungry rowdy boys. Most of the boys are "regulars" here so they walked right into the kitchen and wanted a drink and a snack....don't get me wrong....I love being the house, the one all the kids want to come to. The older boys decided (as usual) to play war--nerf gun war. They are all fascinated by the military and spies. They split into teams, wearing nerf target vests, hiding, taking hostages and invading bases. I tried to catch a photo or two of the group but they gave me a twist on an old spy adage "We could show you..but then we'd have to kill you" and then threatened to hold me hostage. Since no one was around to pay my ransom I set off to take a picture or two of the younger boys. They spent the whole afternoon on the trampoline....doing tricks, teaching each other tricks. They complained almost immediately about how hot it was and because 70 did seem like a full fledged North Dakota heatwave I let them convince me of the necessity of going shirtless. You southerners will chuckle I am sure, but when laughing at the pasty white skin on these 3 cute boys, remember this is North Dakota after all!

About the only one not having fun in the sun today was Max...he wanted to be with the boys on the trampoline and had to settle for a view from the deck.

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