Saturday, July 11, 2009

Braxton 101


I know everyone here has read all about my 2 kids but I am not sure if everyone really knows  them. I wanted to share some things from my heart about Braxton.


Even before he was born, Braxton was impatient. When I went into premature labor at 20 weeks I could almost here him saying "C'mon, let's go, I have things to do"...and he still says the same thing.



Braxton is ALL boy. He would rather be outside, creating and destroying, no matter the weather. The bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear and Braxton is a living example of that verse. Yesterday I caught Braxton jumping off of our second floor deck onto the trampoline oblivious to any danger. He LOVES roller coasters and anything that goes fast.



Braxton also has no fear in any new social situation. He was in the regional boy choir this year and never thought twice about singing in front of 100+ people in a language he didn't even know.



He is unapologetic in what he does and says...he is a lover and a fighter. He will fight to the death for what he believes (which can be quite frustrating sometimes) but he also protects and cares for his friends (and occasionally even his brother!).



Brax has always been adorable, from the chubby cheeks that everyone had to pinch to the handsome 9 year old going on 18. While he never seeks out female attention, he certainly doesn't mind it! He loves girls and they love him...that is something I am watching as he gets older!



He is an "olympic sleeper". Even as a baby I could put him in his crib and he was asleep before I got to the door. He has an 8:30pm timer somehow built in. As a toddler he would put himself to bed if we didn't notice the time...if we were at someone else's house he would gather up his blanket and curl up in a corner. I pray that we never have an actual tornado during the night because he would sleep right through it.



Braxton is always singing, always making music with whatever he has handy. His repertoire is expanding but he still loves to sing praise and worship songs...that is the way he is able to connect with God and he has been able to do that from an early age.



I am not sure where life will lead him but Braxton loves to cook. Perhaps he will be a chef. When he was younger he cooked for fun but was easily distracted. Now he has a passion for it. He used to cook only the things he wanted to eat but now he will cook just for cooking's sake. Perhaps someday you will dine at a restaurant where Brax is the chef and you can say "I knew him when...". Brax isn't one to share his feelings and desires for life very easily. You get them in pieces, pieces of a puzzle that you have to put together. Each time we cook Braxton shares a piece with me and I love that time we have together.



Next time you see a picture of my youngest son maybe you will get a glimpse at the real Braxton.



p.s. Coming soon...The Heart of Cayden


Thare said...

Major "boo-hoo" moment!
Braxton is one of the most....most...animated & funny boys I have ever met. You can...and always have been able to tell that the wheels are just turning...and fast. He seems to be always thinking of something. It seems like yesterday when he was born. Great blog! I sure do love that boy!!!

Anonymous said...

Only a mother could write such a beautiful and knowing paean about her child . . . I can't wait for Cayden's. I am blessed to learn something about them all the time through you. And you have a gift for seeing what is in someone's heart and expressing what is in your own.
- Dad -