Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Art and sport, Defense and discipline





Braxton recently started taking Taekwondo and he is absolutely loving it.  After just a few classes he was able to “earn” the right to wear a uniform.  We believe that his instructor is doing a very good job at not only teaching Taekwondo techniques and history, but also respect for country, sport, instructor and self.  A  good bit of class is conducted in Korean so Braxton is learning basic phrases and numbers.






You can advance in Taekwondo at your own pace.  You get out of it as much as you are willing to put into it.  Braxton is learning his kicks first and these are coming easier to him than many boys because he has always been SO flexible.  The more flexible you are, the higher your kicks are.  Soon he will begin learning punches.  Eventually he will learn to spar and can compete in sparring matches.  His big goal however is getting to break a board with his feet and with his fist.  We are a ways from that, Thank God!





In Taekwondo it is relatively easy to earn your first belt.  Here Braxton shows off that white belt and his pride in earning it.  He knows that the rest will be harder to earn and that his pride in earning them will be even greater.


Anonymous said...

Very neat . . . Brax needs an outlet for all that energy. A martial art, if he embraces all that it can teach, is a wonderful physical, mental and spiritual pursuit that will provide him life skills beyond just kicking and punching.
- Dad -

Thare said...

What great pictures!! Go Braxton - you are awesome!! Hey Cayden - you rock!!