Friday, September 11, 2009

Drop by drop


Every night at 9pm an alarm goes off at our house.   Cayden heads to the kitchen table, bares an arm or leg, grits his teeth, braces himself and receives another injection of Growth Hormone.  It has already become quite routine for us.  Initially Cayden was having horrible headaches from the shots but they have lessened a bit.  He has been having fewer joint pains and swollen ankles too so I guess we feel blessed in that respect too. 


It’s not what I would choose for my child and certainly not what he would choose but it is very empowering to know that we are doing something for him and not just wishing that we could.


So, the race is on…and we are winning it drop by drop, millimeter by millimeter.  Cayden has been taking shots for 7 weeks and he has grown ONE INCH!  That might not seem like much at first but remember, he had not grown AT ALL for almost 2 years.  They say that during the first year a child is on Growth Hormone he should expect to grow 3-4 inches.  So you can see that Cayden is already exceeding everyone’s expectations—just like he always does!

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news . . . there is so much love and pride in your last sentence that I doubt I will ever not think of it when I think of him and you. Cayden is the definition of courage.
- Dad -