Thursday, June 3, 2010


Braxton is feeling


a little






He passed his blue belt test for Taekwondo last night.  It was a hard test and he had to work very hard.  He is now on a definite time schedule for testing.  He has 12 weeks to complete his blue level skills.  Once he does he will become a purple belt…once you are a purple belt you train right beside the black belts and and I know he is looking forward to that.  He will compete in his first tournament in early fall.














On a side note, we are headed for Texas soon.  I am working on another post and hope to have it up soon but things are starting to get kind of crazy here.


Tina said...

AWESOME job BRAXTON!! You'd the man! Love the pictures and your new blog face!!

Mark said...

Way to go Brax! . . . way cool.
How did you do those pics Mom? . . . I really like them.
- Dad -