Friday, June 25, 2010

Texas part 2

It is about 1100 miles from West Fargo to Dallas…but when you miss your family and haven’t seen them in several years, it feels like Dallas is on another planet. We were so excited to spend a weekend with my family during our trip.  We ate a lot of great food, relaxed by the pool and tried to catch up with everyone. 





This is my brother Matt and his wife Angie.  They have been married a year already and we had not met Angie until this trip.  Thanks guys for inviting us into your beautiful home and cooking us a wonderful dinner!  The boys LOVE Uncle Matt and always have…he lived with us for a time when the boys were young.  The funny thing is, it seems like literally yesterday that Matt was just a kid. 





This is my sister Melanie and her boyfriend David.  She is such a strong, independent, smart, beautiful person (inside and out) and I am so proud that she is my sister.  She also just passed her CPA exam!!






This is my sister Jenny and her husband Shannon.  Jenny and I are close in age.  We helped each other survive high school and tried to keep each other out of trouble-no small job!  Too many miles between us and too hectic lives keep us out of touch but it was good to get together and catch up. 




We spent most of the weekend in Nana’s pool.  I will try to wade through those pictures next and post soon.


Mark said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. As everyone grows up and away they become harder to come by, and all the more priceless for that . . . time and distance suspended if only for a few days.
- Dad -

Tina said...

Love the pictures! Great looking family. I love being able to put a face with a name. POST more PICS!