Saturday, July 3, 2010

A True Texas Cowboy



Braxton begged for a new pair of cowboy boots during our recent trip.  He is so picky that it was nothing short of an act of Congress to find the perfect boots.   But like any good cowboy he never took them off…he wore them with his shorts, he wore them with his pajama pants and he even slept in them the first night.


Tina said...

Now that is a boy after my own heart! I guess it's true you can take the boy outta Texas but you can't take the TEXAN outta of the boy!!
LOVED this picture - the color tone, the pose - MOST excellant!

Mark said...

Tina's right . . . almost a sepia tint that makes it timeless. You have an old pic of the boys walking down a wooded path, taken from behind . . . very nostalgic as is this one. He will grow out of those boots, but never out of your heart.
- Dad -

Mark said...

P.S. . . . I copied this pic to my screen-saver and the first time it came up I realized what it reminded me of - a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover.
- Dad -