Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brothers and Friends (more Texas fun)

Cayden and Braxton are completely different kids. They have completely different interests and spend most of their time either playing separately or trying to convince each other to do what they want them to do…leads to a fair amount of arguing…lol.

I was a little concerned how this would all play out in Texas. They only had each other so I knew it would go really good or really bad. I must say that they did really well. They found ways to have fun together…however, when you combine the hot Texas sun and a water hose you really can’t go wrong.







(this one is for you Tina…this moment is why John needs a brother)




we miss y’all :)


Tina said...

These photos made me cry. I have to add that photo with my other photo of the boy.

Mark said...

Kids can still be kids and have fun with nothing more than a little water and each other. May they always find times and opportunities to simply enjoy each other.
- Dad -