Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh, what a glorious day

Today was Braxton’s school registration day.  You know, find out who your teacher is, fill out reams of forms, say hi to the guys you haven’t seen since school let out.  The (wonderful) PTA here pre buys all the school supplies, boxes them up and you pay them a fixed (and reduced) price for everything.  It saves you from having to visit 4 stores to find the exact 32 box of crayons listed…lol.  I do actually love to shop for school supplies but I still get to do that for Cayden.


I got off track a bit…the glorious part of the day was when I got to LABEL ALL OF THE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!!

I lovingly took her out of the drawer, dusted her off and put her to work!


                                 ( my good and faithful friend)

I didn’t think my day could get any better until I read a class memo that said each and every marker, pen, pencil and crayon needed to be labeled.



Boy was I blessed or what?!


Tina said...

We are sisters! My cousin made fun of me when I told her my most favorite Christmas gift was my label maker. All the labels you got to make...I am actually sort of jealous...

Mark said...

You are indeed a strange and wonderful daughter lol. No wonder you and Tina are best friends . . . has she labeled her junk drawer too? My penchant for organization only goes as far as making file folders for everything (and I do enjoy making each year's new ones, boxing up the old ones). When I "moved" I disposed of almost thirty years of files and it almost killed me lol.
- Dad -