Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fried, mashed, baked or au gratin



We spent a very hot afternoon in Barnesville, MN at Potato Days.  I didn’t realize it but the Barnesville area is touted as one of the best potato producing areas in the country.  The festival dates back to the 1930s and includes potato picking and peeling contests, horse drawn wagon rides, a strong man competition and even a pageant called Little Miss Tator Tot.  It’s definitely small town America!  They serve potatoes in any way you could imagine-potato dumplings, potato soup, potato pancakes and lefse.  Lefse (for all of you non-North Dakotans) is a Norwegian pastry made of potatoes, flour, butter and cream.  It is delicious with butter and sugar.

There was also a mashed potato eating contest for the kids.  Most of them decided to use their hands.



I love this boy’s expression… “what have I done?”  I am not sure if he wanted to give up or throw up.


They also had a mashed potato sculpting contest for kids and adults.  They had 30 minutes to complete their sculptures.  The kids’ table had a lot of snowmen at the end of the 30 minutes but the adults were pretty creative.

IMG_5934   IMG_5936






Pretty amazing what you can do with potatoes!


Mark said...

It's versatility is limitless . . . and it's interesting to ponder how a plant native to South America has traveled around the world and become a staple of so many countries and cultures. I suppose one reason is that they will grow most anywhere, they store well, and there are so many ways to make them that a boring tuber becomes a
medley of different tastes and textures. We Germans are alone in thinking that a dinner without potatoes isn't really a meal but a snack.
- Dad -

Tina said...

You should get a job taking pictures for the paper in the Lifestyle section! That one pic of the kid holding holding his forehead was great! Looks like you and your boys had a BLAST. I love to do that sort of thing. I was always told that my background was Irish & American Indian but I must have German in me somehwere cause I agree with Dad - it's not a meal without potatoes! Now I want some creamy mashed potatoes for breakfast!!