Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A beautiful garden

The temperature this past weekend was so nice we decided to take an afternoon trip.  Recently I saw a story on the news about Rainbow Garden in Mayville, ND.  Mayville is less than 2 hours from Fargo and I am always looking for a place to take some pictures so we decided to check it out.

The garden has 7 themes (like English garden and Children’s Playhouse), volunteers tend to the garden and they encourage visitors to cut and take flowers home with them.






                              Tons of butterflies everywhere!



There were rocking chairs, swings and hammocks for anyone who wanted to stop and enjoy the surroundings.



                                   Tic tac toe on the lawn.



                There were sculptures throughout the gardens.

IMG_5836        IMG_5837



Some colors were very vibrant….


IMG_5823  IMG_5825

and some were more muted…



but this picture is my favorite!


Mark said...

Another name for Heaven . . . more pics for my screen-saver. Not only a wonderful place but a wonderful idea, both for those who nurture it and those who visit it. I wish I had the space and the talent to do something like this, on a smaller scale of course. My attempts this year were rather pathetic, though it seems it's impossible to kill petunias lol.
-DEad -

Tina said...

I loved this. Wonderful pictures!