Sunday, September 5, 2010

Have map, will travel

Our family spent Sunday exploring the countryside of North Dakota.  Steve and I have always loved getting in the car and driving with no particular plan or direction.  I am not sure the boys have discovered our love for exploring the roads but they are forced to participate…lol.  Today we drove about 200 miles…little of it on the highway, most of it in the middle of nowhere.  We found towns like Marion, ND (population 146) and Verona,ND (population 108) and dozens of farmhouses that have likely seen many generations. 

It was a great afternoon…we only had one problem…



            the sunflowers in the field were not the cause…



       the soybeans yet to harvest were not the cause…



                     even the corn was not at fault…



                         this was definitely the culprit



Hay bales in the afternoon certainly mean Benadryl, eye drops and breathing treatments for bedtime.


    Looking back, maybe this wasn’t such a great idea…lol



Mark said...

Not being allergic, I can't know what it's like . . . but I know that being able to walk the woods and fields without suffering the consequences makes me blessed. Like you, I love coming upon little towns. Where others probably see deprivation and poverty and paucity of "something to do", I see a simpler life that has its allure for someone my age. James Wright, Richard Hugo and many other poets wrote about such small rowns, not always in a flattering way, but yet the images stayed with them years after they passed through and always with an undertone of nostalgia that perhaps only I recognize and appreciate . . . places where we are reminded that we may have lost something precious, some part of us that once knew a sense of community and accomplishment in the simplest of things and places.

Tina said...

I love to explore just like that - and I got it from my folks. Both of my brothers are that way too! We always like to go a different route and discover new things. I am sure the boys will have white line fever! I love the pictures - the boys look like teenagers!!