Friday, October 1, 2010

Proof God Loves Us


Don’t you











Yep, I am quite sure that we need only to  look outside right now to know God loves us.  The weather is gorgeous, the leaves are changing and it is still warm enough and light enough for the boys to spend their evenings outside.   God has a sense of humor though…we have a frost/freeze warning tonight with a forecast low of 35.  However, the weatherman assures us that we still have plenty of sunny, 60 degree afternoons to come (and you know they are always right).

Steve and I took a day trip to a state park in Minnesota recently to photograph the fall foliage.  We had a nice quiet afternoon (the boys were with friends) and I took a ton of pictures.  98% of them were horrid but I think I have a few worth sharing…I will try to put some up here soon.


Mark said...

Your Fall season comes sooner than mine . . . the leaves haven't begun to change yet though the days are turning cool and the nights sometimes in the 40's. Every day now geese make a raucous racket as they fly south. I wish there were a place where it is always May/June or September/October, but then I'm sure I would miss the transitions of the four seasons, the beautiful changes. It's obvious from your recent pictures that not only is the weather changing but so are the boys, much as we might wish to keep them as they were.
- Dad -

Tina said...

I love this.