Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting our ducks in a row

where does that saying come from?

We are thrilled that Braxton was accepted into the same middle school that Cayden currently attends.  It is the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math school.  We have had nothing to complain about thus far, in fact we feel blessed that Cayden has been able to attend and even more richly blessed that Braxton will join him next year.  The approval process was based on many things such as grades, state achievement test scores in math, and teacher recommendations, but he did receive points in his favor for having a sibling at the school.

So, schedules are being made for next year’s classes.  Braxton decided to take band.  We are very excited for him and we hope that it will help him make friends and find his niche in middle school.  We went to band orientation night and he tried out many instruments, got a feel for what he liked, and got recommendations from the band teachers. 



We will soon be investing in one of these





and one of these!


                              noise reduction headphones


By the way, keep voting for Fargo.  We are up against Juneau, Alaska.  It might seem obvious to vote for them because of their bitter winters but we have extremes in other categories too.  Take a second and click below to vote. :)


UPDATE: We made it to the final two.  We are now against Bradford, PA in the final match.


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Mark said...

That's great . . . you have a right to be proud, not that you aren't always. Interesting choice, trombone . . . it can be a beautifully mellow and expressive instrument - listen if you can find them to some old Jack Teagarden recordings. At Brax's age I chose clarinet; it's less important which instrument than the experience of creating music together, but then he knows that from his time singing in the chorus.

I'm voting again for Fargo . . . winning won't make the weather better but I suppose would help one feel better about enduring it.
- Dad -