Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Life has been busy and I haven’t updated this in a bit so I thought that I would touch base.  I hope you can keep up with my scatterbrained conversational whiplash…lol

  • Cayden had food poisoning from a local fast food burger place.  He was extremely sick.  He wasn’t keeping anything down and was losing weight.  They thought it was just a virus at first and told us to just “keep an eye on it” but it just seemed to get worse.  A second doctor’s appointment yielded the food poisoning diagnosis.  By then they said the worst was over and the residual discomfort (why do they always call it “discomfort” when they mean “oh my God kind of pain”?) was due to the intestinal tract being so inflamed and irritated.  A full 10 days later, he seems well on the road to normal.  We all ate there that night and no one else got sick but unfortunately Cayden’s immune system will always be a little weaker than most people’s.
  • I have decided that I do in fact hate economics…no I mean I really HATE economics.  Of all my courses this semester it is the one I work the hardest at and enjoy the least.  On the bright side, today I decided that maybe this accounting program is where I should be.  I thought it was but today I decided it was.  Today I started payroll and I just really love calculating federal income tax withholding, FICA etc. It gives me hope that I will enjoy an accounting job someday soon.
  • I need some new recipes! Does anyone have any quick, fairly easy dinner recipes? We eat the same 6 things over and over.  I guess most people do but maybe your 6 things aren’t my 6 things.  So all of you chefs out there, will you share with me?
  • It seems like the winter will never end here.  It will be 15 below tonight and the wind chill all day has been in the 20s below.  Weather like this is perfectly fine for January… but for March??? In the relatively near future, however, the Red River in Fargo will flood.  2009 was a particularly bad flood and they predict this year’s will be similar.  They can’t say for sure this early of course but early predictions aren’t good.  Two weeks ago the city set up “Sandbag central” again.  It runs 6 days a week and is staffed by volunteers.  Their goal this year is 3 million sandbags by March 19th.  I am hopeful that our family can find a time to go down and help out.  Cayden’s school will be going soon.  Here are two pictures from Sandbag central that I found on Minnesota Public Radio’s website.

Volunteers man one of three spider-like sandbag filling machines at ÒSandbag CentralÓ in Fargo, N.D., on Monday, Feb. 14, 2011. City officials hope to fill 3 million sandbags by mid-March in anticipation of the areaÕs third consecutive major spring flood. (MPR Photo/Ann Arbor Miller)

A pile of sand sits behind a truck loaded with new sandbags in the parking lot outside ÒSandbag CentralÓ in Fargo, N.D. Efforts began in Fargo Monday, Feb. 14, 2011, to fill 3 million sandbags by mid-March in anticipation of the areaÕs third consecutive major spring flood. (MPR Photo/Ann Arbor Miller)

  • We recently took a quick trip to Sabin, MN (less than an hour from Fargo) to check out the Old 52 General Store.  It has an old fashioned soda fountain and over 300 different flavors of glass-bottled soda pop.  We came home with 9 different sodas and shared them all.  Some were good…some were oh so bad.  Braxton loved this chocolate soda (and it was SO BAD) and the Jack Black was one of Cayden’s favorites.  The chocolate was so bad that I swore I could still smell it in my kitchen days later!



And now, just because it seems wrong to write a blog that doesn’t have a picture of at least one of the boys…


I think this is my oldest son…of course, I can’t be sure since that one eye is all I ever get to see.  I am fairly sure that, underneath that mop of hair, lies my handsome son.  He thinks his hair looks “just fine” and “just like all the guys”.  Funny thing is, I was walking through the hallways at his school yesterday and he’s right…75% of all the boys I passed had long hair and one eye showing.  I am not sure how they all don’t just run into each other all day.

Braxton doesn’t subscribe to the same hair beliefs yet thank God.  But he does march to his own drummer that’s for sure.  Here he is tonight in his VERY orange, WAY too big soccer socks.  They are definitely a fashion statement!


Whew! My fingers are tired and I am out of entertaining (ok…semi-entertaining) things to share.  I hope this finds everyone well.  Don’t forget to share your favorite recipe (no fish/seafood since Brax is allergic).




Mark said...

I remember telling you that you'd probably hate econ but love accounting. I think you'll love accounting even more as you get into things more interesting than payroll taxes, like cost accounting for example. It's been 45 years but I guess they still teach it lol.

Poor Cayden, though I'm glad it was food poisoning and not something systemic and long-term. He needs lots of ice cream to help his stomach heal. I had food poisoning twice and have some idea how he felt. The first time was rather embarrassing - I had hired a new accountant and had taken him and his wife and my controller and his wife to dinner . . . I passed out in the men's room after vomiting and losing control of . . . well you get the picture.

I eat more seafood than anything else but I'll try to think of some recipes for other things to pass along. You realize there are about 100 million recipes on the internet lol.

I've had some false-spring weather but Sunday night was severe storms, very high winds, several tornadoes (not too close). Come to think of it, that's not false-Spring but the usual.

Love, Dad

Linda said...

Hey Laura, I don't do a lot of cooking either, but I do have a few recipes on my blog Leelee's Place here is a link http://leeleesplace.blogspot.com/p/cooking.html
Also I have an easy recipe for Mexican Cheese Soup if you want it I'll email it to you, and finally I get a lot of stuff off Pioneer Woman's blog. There is a link on both of my blogs.