Saturday, January 29, 2011

I have learned a valuable lesson


When your son wants to grow his hair long and wants you to love it as much as he does, tell him you do.  Tell him it looks good on him even if you can’t see his eyes (because it really doesn’t look too bad) and because he wants you to love it and  needs you to love it.

And because he might come up to you Saturday morning and say “you know, I think I need my hair cut today”.  At which point you say “are you sure?” as you grab the car keys before he changes his mind.


          So, this was Brax a few days ago…




            and this is Brax today…




Funny story…everyone kept telling him how much his hair looked like Justin Bieber and that apparently isn’t a good thing to an 11 year old boy (hmmm…perhaps that is why he suddenly needed a haircut).  When he came to tell me he needed a haircut this morning he also told me it needed to look like Michael J. Fox.  It caught me off guard for a minute but he has been watching all the old “Back to the Future” movies and a few “Family Ties” reruns on satellite lately.  He said his hair looked “cool” and since any mother from my generation would certainly agree that Michael J. Fox was definitely cool, I helped him print out a picture to take along.  Between you and me, I’m not so sure she captured the “Michael J. Fox” but he loves it and it is out of those beautiful eyes!


And for some reason (maybe God just thought I needed a smile) Cayden walked up and asked to have his picture taken too.  That never happens so I always take advantage of it.




I might be biased but I am pretty sure I have two of the most handsome young men ever!


Linda said...

You are right they are both handsome. I'm sure the "Justin Bieber" comments did have something to do with it, but he did look like him.

Mark said...

Hair was a big deal (and an acrimonious one) when I was their age. Up 'til then Dad insisted on cutting my hair . . . his idea of a haircut being to simply buzz-cut me. Going into junior high, that was definitely not cool. I wanted a flat-top like all the other guys had. I think I got mom to intervene and had to pay for my own haircuts . . . course they were only a buck 50+ years ago. I loved the ambience of the old barber shop, the smells, the feeling that it was a rite of passage. That old shop is still there today and if I didn't have a thirty year relationship with my barber now I'd go back just for the nostalgia. Unfortunately my hair is too thin on top to be able to go back to a flat-top lol.

Brax's shorter hair looks nice but I prefer the longer look, or perhaps that's just what I'm used to. Don't discount the possibility that there is a girl he's trying to impress lol.

Cool pics, as always.
- Dad -

Tina said...

Both boys have changed so much!! My little Cayden looks and SOUNDS like a man. Braxton looks great with the new style and I LOVE the MJF thing - but don't tell him! Both your boys are VERY handsome! It just makes me sad to see them and hear them changing!! :(
Changing the tell Braxton I have come to the DARK side for a GAME...I will be cheering for HIS PACKS. There are a few Steeler games from the seventies that still hurt a little too much.