Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And now, from the people who brought you pummelos


Remember these?

pummelo reuse


About a year ago Cayden and I tried pummelos for the first time.  That turned out so well we decided to venture outside our comfort zone again.


Fargo isn’t known for its selection of exotic fruit but this week at the grocery store I found these.




It’s an ugli fruit! And, yeah it’s ugly.  Here is what we learned about ugli fruit:


it’s a citrus fruit that is a hybrid of pummelos, oranges, and tangerines

slightly larger than a grapefruit but has fewer seeds

the name comes from the unsightly appearance of its green, rough, wrinkled skin




Here is the inside.  They are very fragrant.  We thought they might be a little bitter, like a grapefruit but they were very sweet.  Like the pummelo, Cayden and I fought over the ugli fruit.  If you see one, you really have to try it.


Every January, Steve’s parents send us a box of Cushman honeybells.  We look forward to it all year.  You can only get them in January and February.  They certainly don’t have them in Fargo so we get them shipped to us.  If you haven’t had a honeybell before, you ABSOLUTELY have to try one.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

 seems like I am on the ugli fruit/honeybell marketing team : )


honeybells are a hybrid of tangerine and grapefruit

they are about the size of your fist, have loose skin, and are very easy to peel

they are incredibly juicy-they provide DELICIOUS and plentiful juice






We eat a heck of a lot of honeybells but the juice is so good that we often just pop a sipper like this one directly into the honeybell and squeeze out the juice instead.


Cayden and I LOVE LOVE fruit-any kind of fruit.  I guess you can tell that by the carnage we left behind!




Mark said...

I wish I had your love of fruit. I have a fruit juice every morning or a Fruit2Day but actually eating fruit just doesn't appeal to me for some reason. Put it in a pie though and I'll eat the whole thing lol. Growing up we never had any so perhaps that's part of the reason. - Dad -

Linda said...

I too love fruit. The only kinds I don't really like are apples, especially red delicious and grapefruits. I will eat both, but they are definitely my last choice. I tried a new melon of some kind I found at Sam's. It was green like a honey dew, but it was kind of a cross between honey dew and cantelope.

Tina said...

love the pictures. remember I don't like playing the fruit lottery....