Thursday, January 20, 2011

A little winter math

       bigger image car temp

Minus 22 degrees isn’t a lot of fun (ok, let’s be honest… it sucks) but now that we’ve lived in North Dakota a few years I have learned to accept that there are days when the sliding glass door freezes shut (and the dog stands with his legs crossed, glaring at you, wondering why you won’t just open the door and let him out) and days when the frost is so thick on the inside of the car windows that you have to use the ice scraper as you drive.

But today it hit me…22 below is actually 54 degrees below freezing! That’s 54 degrees below the temperature at which water turns to ice…which means that we are 54 degrees away from any of this wonderful (can you hear the sarcasm?) winter assortment of snow and ice thawing!     

Sorry about the fuzzy picture but it was darn c-c-c-cold in the car when I took it :)


Mark said...

I'm surprised the camera worked. It was supposed to be zero and windchill of 15 below here but it's not that bad - "only" 5 and 5 below. I don't think I've ever used the phrase "winter wonderland" . . . and never will lol. At the moment my deck is literally covered with squirrels, doves, sparrows and some new birds I don't have a name for, all scrambling for the sunflower seeds, bird feed, bread and acorns I just put out. Snow on the pine boughs is beautiful and morning sun gilttering on my white little hill where the pines are glitters and reminds me of the blanket mom used to put under the Christmas tree. Winter does have its compensations. Stay warm Punkin.
- Dad -

Tina said...

One word - UCK!

Tara said...

It has been -5 to 5 degrees here and I always think of ya'll when I think I can't handle it any more. (My mind says - "I bet it is at least 20 degrees colder in Fargo") Stay warm my friend!!! Summer is only 5 months away!!! :)