Sunday, December 11, 2011

A birthday Celebration

In honor of Braxton’s 12th birthday we spent part of our weekend at the Waterpark of America in Minneapolis, MN. It is the largest indoor waterpark in the U.S. It is 70,000 sq. ft in size and one of its slide towers is nearly 10 stories tall. As a parent all you need to know is that it is very loud. There are three body slides, two tube slides and a family slide.

Waterpark of America

As you can see, the slides all curve in and out of the building.

There is a wave pool and a lazy river (which believe it or not, is where the boys spent a heck of a lot of time).

Braxton in raft

here is the birthday boy

Cayden and Brandon in raft

here is Cayden and Brandon (Brandon is a good friend of both Braxton and Cayden and we invited him to join us this weekend.)


here is a view of some of the smaller slides

I think the coolest ride at the park is the Flowrider…here it is empty.


The flow rider is a shallow but very fast moving sheet of water, moving from 30–35 miles per hour, that you surf or boogie board/knee board on.

Cayden Pos 1 Flowrider

Here is Cayden trying it out. It is just like the waves-you never know which way you are going to be tossed.

Cayden Pos 2 Flowrider

The object is to get to your knees and ride. This is just about when he decided to try and push up…

Cayden Pos 3 Flowrider

almost there…up on one knee…

Cayden Final Flowrider


Braxton Pos 1 Flowrider

Here is Braxton giving it the college try.

Braxton Final Flowrider

Braxton wasn’t nearly committed to actually getting to his knees. He just had a lot of fun riding the waves on his stomach.


Well we had a ton of fun and I wish I had the pictures to prove it but the lighting was terrible and my subjects were even worse (especially Braxton). The minute I picked up my camera the boys disappeared under the water or around a corner every time. You’ll just have to trust me, he is another year handsome and another year ornery.


Tina said...

Loved the pictures! Thanks for the post...I have missed you!

Mark said...

Woohoo!! . . . new pics. I don't know about "ornery" but both definitely handsome . . . water gods. I can see them both some day catching the big curls in California or Hawaii, you watching and bitching how hard it is to take their pics lol.
Love, Dad