Friday, February 19, 2010

Max’s new adversary

A new dog moved in recently across the street.  It didn’t take Max long to notice…and by notice I mean became engrossed, absorbed and completely fascinated. 


The first time I let him out I didn’t pay much attention to his puffed up bravado barking…his first rival is the snowplow after all.  Eventually I stepped out onto the deck to see who or what he was barking at.  I didn’t notice much out of place.  It was a bit hard to get him back inside but he did come in and I forgot about it.  The next morning was another story.  After listening to Max’s ferocious hyperactive yippy barking I decided to go outside and see if I could figure out what the problem could be.  I found him stalking his “prey”.




Can you see his “prey’?  Yep, that’s it, the Coldwell Banker sign dog!  Max is furious that Coldwell dog moved into his territory and he spends a large part of his day now “telling off” Coldwell.




Today, out of desperation, I took Max on a walk to meet Coldwell.  I erroneously thought that he might realized A) Coldwell was a sign or

B) Coldwell was friendly.  Unfortunately, Coldwell never backed down from the confrontation, Max still isn’t too happy and I have a nice deep scratch on my foot from where I tried to come between the dogs.  Jeez, I hope they sell that house soon!


Mark said...

That's hilarious . . . I expect another picture when he gets brave enough to try to seduce it. (I know he's "fixed" but apparently still has enough cajones to challenge a very big "dog".)
- Dad -

Tina said...

You are so funny! Yo should take pictures and write a book!! I loved this!

Linda said...

Sounds like our crazy dog Papi. He barks with the biggest most ferocious bark he can muster, but yet is terrified of the sheep skin I use for some of my photo sessions. He also barks at dogs on the t.v. He definitely keeps us laughing.