Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sun Dogs

Driving home this morning after taking Braxton to school I saw the most amazing sun dogs.  I see them fairly often in the winter but these were just awesome. 


I am not sure I remember ever seeing sun dogs in Texas.  In case you don’t see them often, they are formed when sunlight is refracted through ice crystals. 


Just one of those beautiful things God gives as a consolation for living in the Frozen Tundra!











Tina said...

Wow - I have NEVER heard of such a thing! AWESOME pictures!!

Mark said...

Awesome pics . . . but frankly not nearly enough consolation for living where you do . . . lol. I assumed that there would be Native American myths about sundogs (and moondogs too)and have looked but couldn't find anything . . . if you do please pass it along.
- Dad -