Sunday, February 7, 2010

Target Practice

I admit it, I hate Walmart.  Yes, we still go to Walmart because many times it is really the only place that has what we need.  However, just saying “Walmart” makes me tense and irritable.  We even have a brand new Super Walmart close to our house.  It is clean and never crowded.  The experience is much nicer than most Walmarts.


But….I LOVE Target!  I would rather go to Target any day.  Our Target is old, kind of dingy and the aisles are way too close to each other but man I love it.






I would rather go to Target any day.  Our Target is old, kind of dingy and the aisles are way too close to each other but man I love it.

Everything at Target is bright, cheerful and colorful and it makes he happy to browse in their store.   You see, I have realized that I am a colorful kind of girl.  For the first 38 years of my life I gravitated to black, brown and occasionally red when buying anything, especially clothes.  I would have rather been burned alive on the county courthouse steps than wear orange or lime green. (I’m getting off track, bear with me)  Recently I discovered that I was hiding the real me, that loves orange, lime green, yellow, and pink.  Somewhere in there was a girly girl.  Anyway, Target aisles seem to be just full of those colors.



Braxton and I usually go to Target every Sunday.  I stock up on a few basics and spend a couple of hours with Braxton.  He loves to get out of the house and will browse willingly through any store but he enjoys Target too.  Braxton does know that he always gets a “reward” at the end of shopping.  Every week we stop at the Target cafeteria and get an Icee (and a pretzel too).




Now if I love Target, I LOVE Icees.  It takes me right back to my childhood.  I used to go to Kmart with my Mom and she would also buy me an Icee.  I am not a big fan of the blue or red ones (the ones that Braxton drinks/wears).  I only want Coke Icees…or at least until recently.  Target has had Dr. Pepper Icees lately and those are really good.  I am glad Braxton and I get to share something as simple as Icees every Sunday because they truly are connected to some really happy memories in my childhood.



That being said, an Icee is no substitute for a 7-11 Slurpee.  Man Oh Man do I miss Slurpees.  The texture is different, better.  I took 7-11s for granted when we lived in Texas.  Even though there isn’t a 7-11 in Amarillo, there was one just down the street from my family’s house in Dallas.




Unfortunately the closest 7-11 to Fargo is 183.56 miles away in Mannitoba, Canada.  That means you need a passport to enjoy a Slurpee!  We are hoping to visit Winnipeg this spring or summer to check out the Peace Garden.  You can bet I will find a Slurpee!


Anonymous said...

May you never lose the capacity for sentimentality - old memories for its foundation and new simple joys to build it higher and deeper.
- Dad -

Anonymous said...

Why you like Target is a fundamental difference between men and women . . . to paraphrase a famous book title: men are from WalMart, women are from Target. For men shopping means: I need something, I know where it is, I go get it and leave. For women shopping means looking . . . she can spend two hours in a store, buy nothing, and have thoroughly enjoyed "shopping" . . . the process is much more important than the end result. Come to think of it, that pretty much describes men's and women's different perspectives about romance too . . . lol.
- Dad -

Tina said...

I love Target too. They have the BEST baby stuff! Randy and I went there Friday and bought a million dollars in greeting cards - I totally agree with you!!! You have got me into this color thing. I have been in need of a jacket...and I found one on sale that fits perfect! IT IS LIME/YELLOW GREEN! Randy is NOT cRaZy about it but I think he has learned since the Fiesta-Gate that if Momma wants color...then Momma gets color. I reakly need you to look at it and tell me what you think...I also pulled out an old purse from the closet - it is BRIGHT orange. I am a sight in my jacket & purse. I wish you were here - we would be a SIGHT to see together! Love you! BTW - your Dad needs to write a book...he is really good. I love to read his comments - you need to thank G.G. for giving you a COOL Daddy! (G.G. is short for God - that is what John likes to call him.)

Amanda said...

I grew up in Fargo!! All my family is still there so we visit about once a month!!

Small world!