Thursday, January 14, 2010


4 inches ruler



What do you see when you look at the picture above?


A.  A little over 4 inches

B.  Almost 11 centimeters

C.  The unbelievable amount of growth Cayden has experienced in just

       6 short months


well the answer is……


D.  ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!!!!!!


Cayden had a six month checkup with the endocrinologist today.

The endocrinologist is thrilled beyond words at the progress he has made.  His growth is well beyond expected growth for a year and we are only half way through the year.


As of today Cayden also achieved another important milestone.  Height (and weight) in childhood and adolescence are plotted on official growth charts.  Cayden has never been on any chart.  We have aspired to be on a chart, we have gazed longingly at a chart, we may have even uttered a few not so nice words at a chart.  Today his height now officially puts him at the 3% line of the growth chart!!!!!

That means that he is now TALLER than 3% of his peers.  Not much, you say?  Well, I say, we’ll take it!


Cayden is doing so well that the doctor even decided to increase his dose of growth hormone slightly.  So take a look at my son because…..




              next time you see him, you may not recognize him.


Thare said...

Your baby is growing!! I mean really growing...he no longer has a BABY face....I see a teen face! me a tissue! I am SOOO PROUD OF CAYDEN! I know that the shots are a MAJOR pain in the wa-twozzzey and having to eat so many times a day is a pain but LOOK 4 INCHES!! He rocks! Keep up the HARD work is paying off!

Anonymous said...

Cayden, you have no idea how proud I am of you and what an inspiration you are (and not only to me I'm sure). You decided that something you wanted was worth whatever pain and inconvenience were required (and I know you are no stranger to those) . . . but most important, have stuck with it.
Few poeple have your determination, and even fewer your courage.
- Grandpa -

P.S. You handsome devil . . .