Tuesday, January 5, 2010

God I Love North Dakota!

Maybe it doesn’t transmit, maybe you can’t see it but those words are just dripping in sarcasm.


We got 22 inches of snow Christmas Eve through Christmas night and it has been bitter cold many days.  By bitter cold I mean highs in the teens below and lows in the low twenties below.  If I am being honest, it has been a relatively mild winter thus far.  HOWEVER, I just want some sun.  This bank robber look is getting old on Braxton and if you look at this picture, it was taken in the middle of the afternoon….no sun!  Now we have another 3-6 inches of snow coming tonight and lows forecast in the thirties below for the next few nights.  The Lord is showing no mercy on this sun starved girl.






Max doesn’t like to be alone…at all.  The other morning I got my coat out of the closet so I could take Braxton to school but I had to run back upstairs.  When I came back Max was lying in the middle of my coat and refused to budge.  This morning I was running late of course and Max upped his game.  I couldn’t find my keys anywhere.  I am pretty OCD so I always keep things in the same place so it was driving me crazy looking for them.  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed something shiny on the floor.  Max had taken my keys to a place he holds near and dear, one where I wouldn’t soon look.  I have an extra key, that wasn’t my problem.  I was much more upset to lose my AutoStart for the car.  I don’t know what I would do without it.  Almost every North Dakotan has one.  On any given day in January you can walk the parking lot of any grocery store or Walmart and find at least half of the vehicles running, with no one inside.  Thirty below isn’t so bad when your car is nice and toasty.






After uploading this next picture I realized that it appears to be the butt end of a raw chicken.  However, it is actually my hand.  Worse yet, my entire body looks identical.  Winters are always harsh on my skin but this year has been particularly bad.  My skin is cracked, raw, and bleeding.  I have tried every lotion and potion I can find.  Does someone, anyone have a solution?  I practically bathe in lotion.  Help!  I will try whatever you suggest.




Thare said...

Awwwww....sweet girl! Your hand looks so dry!! I will start working on a goody box today! Not sure when I will get in mailed but I will start working on one today!! The picture of Braxton is so good...but you csan like see the cold - wow! I will not complain with our cold weather...our balmy 27 sounds much better than your 7!!! When I first read "God I love North Dakota"...I was thinking what??? NO SHE DOESN'T...she loves TEXAS! I loved your message...and I would call...but you would not recognize my voice...since I STILL DON'T HAVE ONE!! The first time in a few years we are actually home during Zion...I am too sick to go! Did I tell you I have THE FLU...not Type B like the boys...no I have Type A - over nines days of it...and it is getting old!! UGH!!!! Love you!

Linda said...

Hi, it's me Linda, Kevin Hare's wife. I know your blog is linked to Tina's but I actually came across your blog though Feedjit today. You should come back to "balmy" Texas. We don't have snow, but our high today is supposed to be 27. It has been bitter cold here as well. So sorry you are stuck in the deep freeze. At least the sun does shine here. Take care.