Saturday, January 30, 2010

When will it ever stop??

For the love of God, when will it stop??





About two weeks ago Cayden had a checkup with his endocrinologist and we were happy to share with y’all that he had grown much more than even his doctors had expected.  MANY prayers have been lifted up in his name that he would respond positively to the medicine we had long felt he needed.  Well God answered our prayers and continues to do so abundantly.  In the two and a half weeks since that appointment Cayden has grown another 3/4”!!!!  I am not even sure how it’s possible to grow that quickly.  I think the only person happier than Cayden about his continued growth spurts is the seamstress who does his alterations.  As you can see, about the time I get his pants hemmed we have to buy new pants and start all over again!


So, will it ever stop?…of course.  For now we are just grateful for the blessings…grateful to watch things happen according to God’s plan, in God’s time and for God’s purpose. 

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