Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter Web





I never knew how pervasive frost could be here in the Frozen Tundra until I came across this spider web underneath our deck.  It looked so lacy and delicate (yet strong enough to support the weight of the ice/frost) that I decided to share it.


Thare said...

Love it! That is so cool! I NEVER seen anything like it! It looks fake and yummy. It reminds me of rock candy! Loving the picture of you babies on the first page!!

Tara said...

Sure Laura, I bet that is really in the top corner of your living room!!! HAHA just kidding. That really is cool. Good to see you are doing well. Tara

Mark said...

I was going to comment on this but it disappeared for a few days . . . plus I was stuck for something appropriately poetic. There is an arachnid quality about it, though deranged . . . very Dali-esque. I have a sppider in the bedroom I can send you when it thaws . . . lol.
- Dad -